Temperature Controller 350 with 3061 card

Product number: 350-3061
Product information "Temperature Controller 350 with 3061 card"
Model 350 temperature controller (4 low-temperature RTD inputs and 4 control outputs) with 3061 capacitor option card enabling capacitance measurement on one input - includes one dual banana jack heater output connector (106-009), four 6-pin DIN plug sensor input mating connectors (G-106-233), one 10-pin terminal block (G-106-755), a calibration certificate, and a Model 350 user manual (119-057)
Typ: Model 350
Standard number of inputs: 5
Number of outputs: 4
Minimal temperature (K): 0,1
Maximal temperature (K): 1500
Supported sensors: Capacitance, Cernox, Other NTC and RTDs, Platinum RTDs, Ruthenium Oxide (ROX)